Marie Shores, Realtor

Marie has lived and worked in the rural areas between Fergus Falls and Alexandria for the past 17 years. Originally from Morris, she's surrounded by many family and friends in this area.

Marie has an education in Accounting and Graphic Design. This background serves her well in the real estate industry from creative marketing ideas to helping clients understand the bottom line of their sale or purchase.

Marie has been running 2 businesses simultaneously prior to obtaining her real estate license. As a professional photographer for over 5 years, she offers her professional photography skills to all of her clients. With most people taking their first look at a home online her attention to detail in the photographs increases the appeal of her listings and her years as a home daycare provider gives her the ability to communicate effectively in all situations. Marie continues to do photography in her spare time and enjoys all the relationships these businesses have created.

Marie puts her clients first at all times. She works to find the property that is right for them and helps them every step of the way whether they are buying or selling.

She loves spending time outdoors with her family. Her husband Bill grew up near Evansville, MN and has worked in the local Agricultural industry since 2002. They also have 3 children and 2 dogs that share the love of the outdoors with them.

Marie listed her first property as soon as she was licensed and sold that property within the first month of her career! She is eager to work with clients to help them make their next step! Marie looks forward to using her management and photography skills to help you buy or sell your home.

In her spare time she is usually found at a football game, baseball game or visiting with the other families at dance practice and she really enjoys networking everywhere she goes!

Marie has teamed up with a successful Century 21 Vista agent to give the best possible service to her clients!

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