The Role of a Buyer's Agent

The Buyers Agent is a role that has become increasingly more significant in recent years. This is for many reasons, but perhaps the most important of these is that home buyers have come to realize the necessity of having a professional to see to their specific needs in the purchase of a home or property.

Historically speaking, the process of a home purchase was simply handled by the listing agent. This is, the agent who is actually selling the home. However, this presents a clear case of conflict of interest to the buyer as the listing agent's main responsibility both financial and otherwise lies with their client, the seller. Keep in mind that this is not to say that the listing agent is not capable of handling both concerns, simply that the home buyer's interests are better served by an independent agent.

The Buyer's Agent has several responsibilities when it comes to the purchase of a new home. The most important of these is the locating of a property that suits the need of the individual buyer. It is at this point of the agent/buyer relationship when the agent can summarize the needs of their client and evaluate the available homes in their target area to find that particular home or homes that fulfill the requirements set out by the buyer.

Once a target home is located, the Buyer's Agent can then concentrate of the negotiation of a sale price and the contract terms if an agreeable price is reached. Once an agreeable price is reached, the Buyer's Agent can then organize a professional inspection of the property in question and ensure that the terms of the contract are carried out to the letter. At this point in the process the Buyer's Agent can also help to streamline the financing process and ensure that the other parties involved in the sale of the property meet their contractual obligations.

In today's real estate market the practice of working with a Buyer's agent is becoming ever more necessary. In fact there are now Agents who specialize in this field and can provide the buyer with a wealth of information and experience that are of undeniable value in the purchase of a home.