How To Bring Your Home Up To Par

This is a continuation of a previous article on Bringing your Yard Up To Par. In this article we shall continue with our preparations for selling a home. Now we will move inside to the home itself and think about improving the appearance of the rooms. With an impressive amount of curb appeal already created outside we need to make the inside equally as impressive. Now as we will be considering each room separately this is a touch more segmented than the exterior job. It is difficult to detail exactly what needs to be done in any given home as each home is different and will require different tweaks and modifications. What we can look at is what generally applies to all homes and what can be done in a general sense to improve their showing ability.

Cleanliness is a huge factor in home sales and it is one of the major reasons that some homes do not show well. When buyers arrive they expect to see a home in pristine condition and buyers whose expectations are not met or exceeded rarely buy the concerned homes. Take some time to look at other homes for sale online and take note of how clean they are. If you can look at homes in your area then all the better as they are your competition. Your home should be able to beat those other homes hands down in a white-glove clean test. You should also go through the rooms and eliminate anything that is superfluous. That is things that are not being used on a daily basis. Keep enough furniture in the rooms to properly show the room, but get rid of anything else. If you have questions about what could stand to go, ask your realtor, their experience will be a great asset in this process.

Remember that buyers will want to see EVERYTHING in a given home. This includes the inside of closets and cupboards, the inside of the medicine cabinet and so on. It will be impossible for buyers to get a good feel for what could possibly go where when the areas in question are full of clutter or piles of your belongings. Another thing to be mindful of is smell. As one of our most acute senses, smell can be a powerful deterrent if the home smells heavily of food or pets or even mold. Of course if there is mold then you are better off to take care of it before listing and be sure to disclose it when the sale happens. Pet odor is a common concern for buyers who do not have pets. If you have pets who live in the home: a) make sure they are not there for the showing and b) make sure their smell is not there for the showing either. Hopefully this has helped sellers get their homes in shape for selling, so good luck!#comments#