Land Investing

One area of investing that is sometime s overlooked when thinking about areas to invest money in is land. Investing in real estate, that is developed land with homes and buildings is one of the most popular types of investing. But, ask those who do some serious investing and you will find that many of them invest in undeveloped land. As our country grows there is an ever-increasing need for new homes and services and land is a definite requirement for this to happen.

Typically investing in land is not as popular as developed real estate because of the amount of work that must be put into it. However as the need for land escalates this is changing. If you consider the tracts of unused land around your town, someone has to own them right? There is likely a large amount of available land in your area that can be purchased relatively inexpensively. The idea with land investing is to hold on to it and sell to a developer in future years. However, keep in mind that investing in land takes a bit more knowledge and research than investing in homes. One of the most important aspects of investing in land is knowing the zoning of the land you are buying and whether or not that is likely to change in the future. The zoning will, of course dictate who will likely be interested in property in the long-term.

Buying land that is zoned for commercial use is highly sought-after, but the most attractive land is that which is zoned for both commercial and residential. This land can be hard to locate but it is worth the effort and investment of time. This is really the investment that you want to be holding when your town starts a real estate boom. It's a vein of investing where a fortune can be made overnight if the demand is high. Don't forget to do your homework first. Educate yourself on the land that is available and the real estate trends in your town so you can make an educated guess at which way the industry is heading.